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A subscription-based, responsive platform, called ‘Prevention Is Better’, PIB, which allows educators, parents, and students (ages 5 to 18) to have easy access to alcohol, nicotine and drug prevention information and exercises through gamification.

How Does it Work?

PIB engages with students in chat sessions, learning courses and interactive sessions to help them develop the life skills to make healthy choices about alcohol, nicotine and drug abuse.

Why Prevention is Better

We enhance in person prevention education with a scalable, gamified curriculum that can help to prevent future substance use. Our approach is measurable, realistic and fun!

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Data-based Platform

Progress Reporting

Teachers can see how their students are progressing and record their notes.

Student Dashboards

Students can easily see their progress and when they are supposed to complete their lessons.

Easy To Use

Features are easily accessible through your smartphone, tablet or computer.


  • Follows Ireland and UK Curriculum
  • Teaches students the implications of alcohol, nicotine and drug abuse
  • Playful and engaging


Our mission is to prevent and reduce the use of alcohol, nicotine and drug use in young people by providing a technology-driven platform to deliver gamified curriculum based prevention education to students, evidence-based training and instructional materials to teachers, and useful resources to parents.


To be a world leader in reducing alcohol, nicotine and drug use in young people by providing the most effective prevention education in schools.


CEO and founder Ryan Ulrich has almost 20 years of experience working in the addiction treatment and drug prevention space. Growing up in a family impacted by alcoholism and overcoming his own struggles with substance abuse and mental health issues, Ryan’s mission is to reduce the impact of substance use through prevention.

CTO Chuck Ma has more than 30 years experience in Information Technology. Chuck has consulted with organizations across all industries on strategies to adopt newer technologies. As a volunteer youth worker, Chuck recognizes the need to inform our future leaders to recognize and avoid the temptations that can lead to the destructiveness of addiction.

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