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Classes are taught by instructors with first-hand experience of drug use and who have successfully recovered from drug addiction.

Our courses can fit the requirements for IB, European, UK and US based health, wellness and drug prevention curriculum.

What topics do we cover?

★ Drug prevention lectures and workshops
★ Full drug prevention curriculum planning from primary through secondary school customized for your school’s curriculum requirements
★ Drug prevention training, lectures, workshops and Q&A sessions for teachers and parents
★ Health surveys to address attitudes, behaviors and use of alcohol and drugs in and outside of the school
★ Digital drug prevention education

Prevention Program Descriptions and Pricing

Alcohol, nicotine and drug use prevention curriculum for schools

PIB Shield®

Prevention Is Better’s full program is the ideal way to begin an alcohol and drug prevention program at your school or complement existing programs.

  • Two classes for students
  • One class for teachers
  • One class for parents
  • Minimum €300 deposit or full payment required
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PIB Inform®

Part of the PIB Shield® prevention program, classes for teachers and parents can also be held independently to address your school and community’s needs.

  • Covers sensitive topics
  • Learn how to talk to your kids
  • Conversation starters
  • Minimum €200 deposit or full payment required
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PIB Intro 101®

is the first lesson in the PIB Shield® full-prevention program. The intro class is customized to the age of the students and needs of the school. Topics usually include, personal story of overcoming addiction to alcohol and other drugs, information about substances appropriate to the age of the students and information about how to make healthy choices. Topics and timing can be customized for your school.

  • Minimum €200 deposit or full payment required
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PIB virtual briefing for students®

Our introductory class on age-appropriate prevention education for students of all ages. The content will be based on our ‘gold standard’ curriculum, delivered according to the age and needs of your students.

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PIB virtual briefing

an online professional development course on drug use prevention and awareness. Seminar topics include:

  1. Information about alcohol, nicotine and drug use and trends
  2. Strategies for prevention
  3. How to build a healthy community at school
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PIB virtual briefing for parents®

an online seminar for parents about substance use, customised for your community. Information includes:

  1. Knowledge about substances and trends
  2. How to talk with your children about drugs
  3. Tips to create a healthy environment at home followed by question and answers
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Our mission is to prevent and reduce the use of alcohol, nicotine and drug use in young people by providing a technology-driven platform to deliver gamified curriculum based prevention education to students, evidence-based training and instructional materials to teachers, and useful resources to parents.


To be a world leader in reducing alcohol, nicotine and drug use in young people by providing the most effective prevention education in schools.


CEO Ryan Ulrich

CEO and founder Ryan Ulrich has almost 20 years of experience working in the addiction treatment and drug prevention space. Growing up in a family impacted by alcoholism and overcoming his own struggles with substance abuse and mental health issues, Ryan’s mission is to reduce the impact of substance use through prevention.

CTO Chuck Ma

CTO Chuck Ma has more than 35 years experience in Information Technology. Chuck has consulted with organizations across all industries on strategies to adopt newer technologies. As a volunteer youth worker, Chuck recognizes the need to inform our future leaders to recognize and avoid the temptations that can lead to the destructiveness of addiction.